School of education

Dr. Jotham Wanjohi Kariuki
Head of department

Bachelor of Education (Arts)

The Bachelor of Education (Arts) Programme seeks to equip teachers with knowledge, skills and values to help them become competent teachers and student mentors and models in learning institutions. It also offers learning and training in several career options such as research, leadership and management of institutions including learning institutions and non- governmental organisations.

The philosophy of the programme

The Bachelor of Education (Arts) programme is based on the conviction and belief that it is necessary to nurture professional teachers of high integrity, and who are morally and ethically upright. The programme is also guided by an appreciation of producing teachers who are critical and creative in their thinking as they respond to issues in a dynamic world.


Further, the programme is based on the conviction that it is important to produce teachers who are capable of making learning interesting and enjoyable and who are patriotic and committed in the implementation of education policies in the constitution, promotion of national cohesion and capable of solving societal problems with high standards of responsibility.


In line with the philosophy of the institution, the B.Ed (Arts) Programme is designed to allow for creativity, innovativeness and responsiveness to the rapidly changing market demands and needs of the society. Further, the B.Ed (Arts) programme is based on the conviction to expand opportunities for higher education in the scientific and technological fields to women in Kenya and the rest of the world in an environment that promotes the full and holistic development of the individual as a responsible member of the community through academic pursuit and the promotion of self – discipline.


The programme is also based on the conviction that a sound teacher education course should be able to yield quality teaching and is a product of a teacher who is progressive in their perspective towards the instructional process and values professional development.

Degree Subject Specialisation