Partnerships & Collaborations

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology has created partnerships with various institutions of higher learning for purposes of academic development.The collaborative efforts have entailed student and staff exchange programmes.

The student exchange programmes have exposed the students to a more dynamic learning environment with diversity in socio-cultural practices thus creating all round graduates who are independent, resilient and capable of making informed decisions and choices in life.

This has complemented the learning processes and exposed KWUST students to international frontiers. The E-Learning delivery mode has given women access to higher education due to the flexibility in programmes, location, class times and age.

KWUST has continued to advocate for education of women and girls as the key pillar to economic and social development.

The University aspires to be a voice for the unfinished agenda of the 21st Century; education and advancement of women worldwide.

Staff exchange programmes have had the following benefits:

  • Enriched their ability to interact in a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment
  • Created opportunities to conduct high quality evaluation and research
  • Exposed lecturers to different teaching methodologies of course delivery
  • Enhanced teaching and research skills

KWUST is a member of Women’s Education Worldwide which brings together Presidents, Vice Chancellors and Chief Academic Officers of Women’s Colleges and Universities from around the world. The mission of WEW is to share best practices, to collect and disseminate data about women’s institutions fostering exchange, and advocating for women’s education.

In making higher education accessible to all, KWUST has partnered with the organisations below to offer scholarships to bright students.

Chancellor’s Scholarship

University Scholarship

Family Bank Foundation