Bachelor of Science Mathematics

Mathematics is an important tool for communication and other operations not only in science but also in day to day activities.  Mathematics also provides intrigues and mysteries in its various patterns, structures and theorems.  Mathematics is a beauty in itself and can be captivating and addicting if it is properly grasped.  At the Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology, the courses in Mathematics department have been designed not only to give the student necessary skills to perform operations in various professional fields but also to create the desire and interest to further explore mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics was established in 2002 upon the official opening of the university. It is located in Kasarani Campus in the Faculty of Science. The aim of the Department is to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching and research. Currently, the Department offers Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with specialisation in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science.

Our Mathematics Department is vibrant, due to our dynamic academic and technical staff members, as well as our bright students. The Department provides services to the entire University, to undergraduate students in Mathematics as well as other Departments who offer mathematical units like the Department of Business Administration and Department of Business Information Technology.