Message from the directorate of ICT

The Kiriri University of Science & Technology (KWUST) has its background and mission as advancing science technology among women in the society. It is for this reason that the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology remains a key pillar of the university in achieving its mission and vision.

Dr. Anthony Muli
ICT Director


The directorate provides the following services:

The E-Learning or virtual teaching platform. During the COVID-19 epidemic season, the university was among the first universities to adopt virtual classes, virtual examinations and virtual graduation. This technology will remain part of the university’s core delivery methodology in delivering its mandate.

Students Online Services portal. The university has online student management system where students interact with their records on demand.

The Library Services. This service connects the online learning with the university library. It enables students do their research online without physical access to the physical library materials.

The KWUST Students and Staff Campus Wifi. The ICT directorate provide campus wide wifi internet access in the entire campus as well as within the lecture halls, library and other surrounding facilities.

The Computer Lab services. The university ICT directorate has facilitated the different technology programs with fully equipped computer. The computer labs have a trained lab administrator.