Empowering women through education

Who we are

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology (KWUST) is a private, women’s only Kenyan university. As a women’s only university, our main objective is to bridge the gap in gender representation in higher education as well as contributing to the social and economic development of the country. The university was founded in 2002 and is accredited by The Commission for University Education (CUE).

Our Philosophy

We hold the view that Science and Technology is an indispensable tool in harnessing resources of nature for sustainable development and creating an environment in which human beings can survive and realise their potential; the human person has the moral obligation to creatively improve the environment.

The philosophy of KWUST is to lead to the development of human capital through scientific search based on Christian principles. This is achieved through an educational, scientific and technological approach through which every human being must rightfully experience and acquire the tools to actualise this philosophy.

Our Campus

Our campus is located in  on a fifty acre parcel. It provides the ambiance which is conducive to genuine intellectual excitement and cutting-edge research at Kasarani.  There are three intakes a year in January, May and September. The university has two schools and one faculty of science; School of Business and Management, School of Computer Science and Information Technology, and Faculty of Science.

Our Vision

To be a centre of academic excellence in the scientific and technological formation and promotion of the full and holistic development of the individual as a responsible member of the human community.


Our Mission

To educate and train individuals in the search for truth and knowledge through scientific methods.

Our Values

Teaching excellence

Excellence in teaching, learning, research and publication

Respect for all

Respect for the dignity of all irrespective of social, economic or religious background

Embracing diversity

Inclusiveness in diversity

Fairness and Equality

Fairness, concern and equity in dealing with others (students, staff, parents and other clientele and stakeholders)


Honesty in all dealings and activities


Moral integrity


Professionalism in the performance of our duties

The vision of the founder of Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology

Dr. Paul Ndarua

Dr. Paul Gachanga Ndarua was the founder and visionary of Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology. He had been  the driving force behind the noble idea of establishing a women’s only university, the first of its kind in Kenya.

Dr. Ndarua was an astute architect and business man by profession and a great supporter of education. His experiences and great milestones in a successful professional career culminated in his passion for women’s education, where he spent his time, energy and resources for the  benefit of women’s education.

His personal efforts to facilitate provision of top quality education to women dates back to 1989, when he purchased land on which  St. Lucie Kiriri Girls Secondary School was built. It opened its doors on  25th February 1992.

The idea of an all women’s  university stemmed from the great gender disparities seen between male and female students gaining entry to tertiary education and more so for women pursuing courses in Science and Technology courses.

This led  Dr. Ndarua to conceive the idea of creating an environment where at tertiary level , women would come together and receive a holistic experience of education and personal development. Here they would be allowed to explore and experience to their greatest potential and ability surrounded by befitting role models.

The vision of one man brought, and continues to bring women of all cultures, creed and race to mould the into holistic women. It was the vision of the founder to reach out to as many women as possible, who would then go on to build their communities, their villages, their countries and the world at large. He envisioned that these young women would become ambassadors of their communities and the greater world and become employers and creators of employment opportunities.

Dr. Ndarua’s hope was that the mustard seed he planted, namely the university, would grow into a big tree whose fruit would feed the minds of millions of Africans, and the world.

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Founded in 2002, Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology is a premier and first women’s University in East Africa, situated in Githurai-Mwihoko in Ruiru Sub-County, Kiambu County, off the Nairobi-Thika Super-Highway.

The University is devoted to safeguarding its core mandate and unique focus of empowering women as embellished in our vision and mission. Being a women’s only University it endeavors to help the women/girls achieve their dreams despite being marginalized in the recent past so that they become responsible members of the society. This is in the realization of the adage “If you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).”

We grant our students who come from diverse cultures, market oriented programmes coupled with quality facilities that are geared towards the achievement of vision 2030. The university admits both private and Government sponsored students. The University boasts of a post-modern library, well-equipped computer laboratories, games and sports fields and serene environment among others. The flexibility of our graduates is validated by the continuous demand and ready acceptance by the employment market and industry.

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology is a dynamic university which engages with the community around in its quest for growth, through research and knowledge in the enhancement of peoples livelihoods in the society. We are proud to deliver market-oriented courses that reinforce academic programs in order to produce people with the skills required by the global market. This grants Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology students a multifaceted and cutting edge in the market in their various areas of specialty.

With the current dynamics in the world which have increased space but with time as constrain, the University has encompassed the use of online platforms to be able to serve the students best in a dignified manner. Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology continues to drive new ideas and technologies needed for social growth whilst educating the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators as well as leveraging staff and research skills.

We invite you to join us and to walk with us physically, mentally and spiritually, because we can only hope to achieve our objectives in your presence.

Prof. Justus K. Mile
Vice- Chancellor