Empowering women through education

Who we are

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology (KWUST) is a private, women’s only Kenyan university. As a women’s only university, our main objective is to bridge the gap in gender representation in higher education as well as contributing to the social and economic development of the country. The university was founded in 2002 and is accredited by The Commission for University Education (CUE).

Our Philosophy

We hold the view that Science and Technology is an indispensable tool in harnessing resources of nature for sustainable development and creating an environment in which human beings can survive and realise their potential; the human person has the moral obligation to creatively improve the environment.

The philosophy of KWUST is to lead to the development of human capital through scientific search based on Christian principles. This is achieved through an educational, scientific and technological approach through which every human being must rightfully experience and acquire the tools to actualise this philosophy.

Our Campus

Our campus is located in  on a fifty acre parcel. It provides the ambiance which is conducive to genuine intellectual excitement and cutting-edge research at Kasarani.  There are three intakes a year in January, May and September. The university has two schools and one faculty of science; School of Business and Management, School of Computer Science and Information Technology, and Faculty of Science.

Our Vision

To be a centre of academic excellence in the scientific and technological formation and promotion of the full and holistic development of the individual as a responsible member of the human community.


Our Mission

To educate and train individuals in the search for truth and knowledge through scientific methods.

Our Values

Teaching excellence

Excellence in teaching, learning, research and publication

Respect for all

Respect for the dignity of all irrespective of social, economic or religious background

Embracing diversity

Inclusiveness in diversity

Fairness and Equality

Fairness, concern and equity in dealing with others (students, staff, parents and other clientele and stakeholders)


Honesty in all dealings and activities


Moral integrity


Professionalism in the performance of our duties

Message from the Chancellor

I would like to appreciate all our friends and visitors of Kiriri Women’s University Science and Technology.

On behalf of the KWUST fraternity, I welcome you to the University that has been transforming the lives of many young women, not just in Kenya and Africa but globally. In 2002, Kiriri Women’s University was constituted as a centre of academic excellence in the Science and technology space that would educate and train women to think, analyze and confidently communicate to others and the world, workable solutions to problems.

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology has contributed locally and globally to the change in gender equality and empowerment of women through world class education. KWUST endeavours to maximise its unique potential by promoting cutting edge research and innovation for knowledge creation that will meet current and emerging society needs.

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology has embarked on a clear strategic growth plan to meet the demands of the innovation age particularly in the technological sphere. KWUST aims to train leaders who are expected to be creative, analytical and innovative. Such leaders in training are offered the challenge of transforming the society in moral and social – economic terms.

I wish to invite you to the Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology community that is composed of diverse renowned faculty and service oriented staff, engaging students and supportive alumnae.

It is my hope that the spirit of Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology will spread and benefit not only Kenya but humanity as a whole.

Dr. Paul G. Ndarua


Message from the Vice Chancellor

It gives me singular pleasure to welcome you to Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology as we join other women’s institutions of higher learning throughout the world.

We are committed to improving the lives of women by empowering them through scientific and technological education and training coupled with sensitisation to the needs of and service to the community. It is our firm belief that the women who will train with us will use the skills and knowledge that they will acquire for the benefit of the Kenyan society and through research, extend their service to the world community.

The KWUST experience is an unending learning experience. The university draws upon the intrinsic knowledge and wisdom of learners to achieve her vision of academic excellence in the scientific and technological formation.

Women have continued to make strides towards empowerment. More power to one ultimately means more power to all. Interventions in the development field have shown that men support women’s empowerment when it enables women to bring the much-needed resources into the family or community or when it challenges power structures that have oppressed and exploited the poor of both sexes.

We can only empower women by educating and training them. This is where our work at KWUST begins. Our aim is not just to teach, it is to grow and develop the individual to her fullest potential both as a professional and a member of the society. Our programmes promote teamwork, community service and the spirit of sharing.

Kenya is privileged to have a number of universities. In this country alone, there are over 68 universities with KWUST being the only one that offers science and technology degrees for women only.

The student population is drawn from all over Kenya. Our average size classes enable us to give individual attention to our students. We have diluted the myth that Mathematics and Science is a no- go zone for girls.

We welcome you to join us and walk with us physically, intellectually and spiritually, for only in your company can we hope to achieve our goals.

Prof. Justus K. Mile

Vice- Chancellor