Message from the Academic Leader

Welcome to the School of Computer Science and Information Technology

The aim of the School is to provide holistic education to our students in order to respond to the dynamic demands of the world.

The School emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills. This is important since new ideas and innovations in the fields of Computing and Information Technology continue to emerge. The skills are essential for our students to be adaptable to the dynamic demands of the ever-changing world.

The School offers two Degree programmes and two Diploma programmes under the Departments of Computer Science, and Business Information Technology. The programmes are Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Business Information Technology, and Diploma in Information Communication Technology and Business Information Technology.

The Department of Computer Science is headed by Mr. A Bosire (Information Technology) while the Department of Business Information Technology is headed by Dr. S Njuguna (Business Administration in Strategic Management). The School is well equipped with full and part-time lecturers. There are 3 laboratories manned by laboratory technicians. The laboratories are equipped with projectors and smart boards to ease teaching and learning.

In our classes, lecturers and students combine theory and practice, gaining skills that produce results and improve technology in a morally upright and ethical way. The lectures are complemented with hands-on experience in and out of our laboratories. Due to demand in technology in the world, the student population is steadily rising, and the School has the capacity and willpower to educate and train large number of students.

Be part of this fast growing and innovative School.

From the Academic Leader

Dr Evelyn Njurai