Programme Overview

Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM)


The Diploma Programme takes duration of two years.

Course Details

There are a total of 22 units (Inclusive of Attachment) to be fully covered and completed for Diploma Award. Students will be required to pursue 7 units in Part I, 7 units in Part II, 7 units in Part III and Attachment in Part IV.

DCU 1001 Communication Skills
DCU 1002 Life Skills
DCU 1003 Entrepreneurship Development
DCU 1005 Trade Projects
DCU 1007 Information Communication Technology and Ethics
DHR 1008 Employee Relations
DBA 1008 Financial Management
DCU 1006 Industrial Attachment
DBA 1101 Business Law
DBA 1102 Economics
DHR 1103 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
DBA 1103 Principles and Practices of Management
DBA 1104 Quantitative Methods
DHR 1106 Organization Theory and Behaviour
DBA 1107 Business Plan
DBA 1109 Office Administration and Management
DHR 1110 Labour Law
DHR 1111 Reward Management
DHR 1201 Human and Public Relations
DBA 1302 Labour Economics
DMT 1303 Principles and Practices of Marketing Management
DAC 1501 Financial Accounting
DHR 1502 Human Resource Development
DAC 1503 Managerial Accounting