Programme Overview

Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)


The Diploma Programme takes duration of two years.

Course Details

There are a total of 22 units (Inclusive of Attachment) to be fully covered and completed for Diploma Award. Students will be required to pursue 7 units in Part I, 7 units in Part II, 7 units in Part III and Attachment in Part IV.

1 DBA001 Communication Skills
2 DBA002 Introduction to Business Law
3 DBA003 Introduction to Microcomputers
4 DBA004 Introduction to Economics
5 DBA005 Principles of Management
6 DBA006 Principles of Marketing
7 DBA015 Business Finance
1 DBA007 Research Methodology
2 DBA008 Introduction to Human Resource Management
3 DBA009  Introduction to Statistics
4 DBA010 Introduction to Multinational Business Operations
5 DBA012 Business Environment
6 DBA022 Principles of Accounting I
Principles Of Micro-Economic Theory
Introduction To Business
Principles Of Purchasing
Business Mathematics
Introduction To Enterprenuership
Introduction To Financial Management
Research Project
1 DBA013 Internship

Entry Requirements

Direct Entry

Although the Diploma Programme in Business Administration is basically designed for mid-career entrants, entry is also open to KCSE graduates. In all cases, the applicant should have attained any of the following

  • KCSE Mean Grade C ( C Plain)
  • KCE Division II
  • Certificate from a reputable and recognised institution with a credit level pass.
  • Degree from those applicants wishing to obtain specialised knowledge and skills in Business Administration

Mid career Entry

Applicants should have 2 years working experience in the relevant area of study. Completion of the Diploma Programme in Business Administration will exempt students 1 (one) year in the Degree Programme in Business Administration at KWUST. Entry into this programme is competitive. Possession of the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the programme for either local or foreign applicants.

Fee Structure

Kshs 85, 000 for entire course

The business administration programme runs on a sessional basis. There are 3 intakes in a year – January, June and September.


There are daytime and evening classes on weekdays and on Saturday. Daytime classes are held in the morning from 8am to noon and in the afternoon from 2pm to 5pm. Evening classes are held from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.