Diploma in Business Administration

The diploma programme is designed to provide students with an extensive and in-depth understanding of business practices. Its primary objective is to increase, enrich and bank upon business knowledge acquired at certificate level. The programme largely targets mid-career persons as it aims to meet the needs of people with work experience in business, NGOs or government and who wish to enhance their skills in functional areas of administration.

Diploma in ICT

The convergence of the two technologies of computing and telecommunications has created a window of opportunity for proactive institutions to train multi-skilled professionals with composite skills in both telecommunications and computing fields. A detailed market study has shown that there is a great demand for these professionals in the corporate sector.Graduates of ICT Diploma will add value and cut costs to employees by having a single staff that is able to seamlessly navigate between the two traditionally distinct technological areas of IT and telecommunications.

Diploma In Procurement And Supplies Management (DPS)

1st Trimester
DPS  001Communication Skills
DPS  002Introduction To Business Law
DPS  003Introduction To Microcomputers
DPS  004Introduction to Economics
DPS  005Principles Of Management
DPS  006Principles Of Marketing
DPSM  015Business Finance

Diploma In Human Resources Management (DHR)

1st Trimester
DHR  001Communication Skills
DHR  002Introduction To Business Law
DHR  003Introduction To Microcomputers
DHR  004Introduction to Economics
DHR  005Principles Of Management
DHR  006Principles Of Marketing
DHR  015Business Finance

Diploma In Public Relations Management (DPR)

1st Trimester
DPR  001Communication Skills
DPR  002Introduction To Business Law
DPR  003Introduction To Microcomputers
DPR  004Introduction to Economics
DPR  005Principles Of Management
DPR  006Principles Of Marketing
DPR  015Business Finance

Diploma In Banking And Finance (DBF)

1st Trimester
DBF 001Communication Skills
DBF  002Introduction To Business Law
DBF  003Introduction To Microcomputers
DBF  004Introduction to Economics
DBF  005Principles Of Management
DBF  006Principles Of Marketing
DBF  015Business Finance

Diploma In Hospitality And Tourism Management (DHT)

1st Trimester
DHT  001Communication Skills
DHT  002Housekeeping and Accommodation Services
DHT 003Computer Applications
DHT 004Business Management and Administration
DHT 005Menu Planning and Costing
DHT 006Fundamentals of Hotel and Catering Industry
DHT 007Front Office Operations, Restaurant and Customer Services

Application Procedure

Application forms are available from the Admissions Office.

Completed application forms should be returned with the following attachment to the address given below;

  • Relevant result slips
  • Transcript(s) from college(s) attended
  • School leaving certificate
  • 2 letters of reference one of which should be from the Head teacher / Principal of the High School / College attended and the other from a mature person who can vouch for you
  • 3 recent passport sized photographs