Programme Overview

Mathematics is recognised as an indispensable tool in advanced study and application in various scientific and technological disciplines. Certain specialisations such as Statistics and Actuarial Sciences experience dire shortages due to lack of qualified mathematicians. There are virtually no women in these specialisations in Kenya.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree programme at KWUST aims at encouraging women to take up careers in this field. Recognising the importance of information technology in modern society, the programme also includes significant coverage of basic courses in computer and information technology.

Other specialisations include the traditional branches of mathematics (Pure and Applied).

Year 1

Semester 1
KLC 001Communication Skills
KMA 100Foundation Mathematics
KMA 101Introduction to Analytical Geometry
KMA 102Introduction to Probability and Statistics
KCS 100Fundamentals of Computing
KCS 101Introduction to Programming
Semester 2
KGS 001Culture, Sex and Gender Studies
KMA 103Linear Algebra 1
KMA 104Calculus 1
KMA 105Discrete Mathematics
KMA 106Probability and Statistics
KMA 107Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Semester 3
KGS 002Community Service

Year 2

Semester 1
KLC 002Development Studies
KMA 200History of Mathematics
KMA 201Calculus 2
KMA 202Vector Analysis
KMA 203Probability and Statistics 2
KCS 103Introduction to Computer Organisation
Semester 2
KCS  001Computing Professional Ethics
KLC  003Public Image & Relations
KAC 102Introduction to Management Accounting
KAC 200Intermediate Accounting II
KFI   202Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

Year 3

Semester 1
KMA 300Applications of Linear Algebra
KMA 301Numerical Analysis 2
KMA 302Complex Analysis 1
KMA 303Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
KCS 201Data Communications and Networks
KMA 304Group Theory 1 (Pure)
KMA 305Number Theory (Pure)
KMA 306Fluid Mechanics 1(Applied)
KMA 307Mathematics for Modelling (Applied)
KMA 308Tests of Hypothesis (Statistics)
KMA 309Life Assurance (Actuarial)
Semester 2
KCS 300Computing Professional Ethics
KMA 310Real Analysis
KMA 311Partial Differential Equations 1
KMA 312Operations Research 1
KCS 205Systems Analysis and Design
KMA 313Field Theory (Pure)
KMA 314Analytical Applied Mathematics (Applied)
KMA 315Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys (Statistics)
KMA 316Actuarial Science 1(Actuarial)
KMA 317Complex Analysis 2  (Pure/Applied)
Semester 3
KMA 318Internship (6 credit hours)

Year 4

Semester 1
KMA 400Research Methodology
KMA 401Project = 2 units (6 credit hours)
KMA 402Operations Research 2
KMA 403Time Series Analysis
KCS 310Computer Graphics
KMA 404Group Theory 2 (Pure)
KMA 405Graph Theory (Pure)
KMA 406Differential Geometry (Applied)
KMA 407Numerical Analysis 2 (Applied)
KMA 408Non Parametric Methods
KMA 409Design and Analysis of Experiments (Statistics)
KMA 410Multivariate Methods 1(Statistics)
KMA 411Actuarial Science 2 (Actuarial)
Semester 2
KBA 001Introduction to Financial Management
KBA 002Strategic Management
KMA 412Measure and Integration (Pure)
KMA 413Introduction to Stochastic Process (Statistics)
KMA 414Measure Theory and Probability (Statistics)
KMA 415Fluid Mechanics 2 (Applied)
KMA 416Multivariate Methods (Statistics)
KMA 417Coding Theory (Pure)
KMA 418Quality Control and Acceptance Sampling (Statistics)
KMA 419Analytical and Mathematical Demography (Actuarial)
KMA 420Actuarial Science 3 (Actuarial)
KMA 421General Insurance (Actuarial)
KMA 422Functional Analysis (Pure)
KMA 423Analytical Applied Mathematics 2 (Applied)
KMA 424Operations Research 3 (Statistics)
KCS 204Data Structures and Algorithms (Computer)
KCS 410Security and Cryptography (Computer)