Programme Overview

The demand for Computer Science/Information Technology specialists continues to grow worldwide as the use of modern technology increases at all levels of society. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science aims to develop a student to be versatile and competent in all aspects of computer systems and applications including:

  • Products and networks
  • Process and data analysis techniques
  • Software applications
  • Software engineering

In order to achieve this, students at KWUST undergo a vigorous programme of education and training covering theoretical, practical and work-based experience through practical attachments.

Year 1

 Semester I
KLC 001Communication Skills
KCS 100Fundamentals of Computing
KCS 101Introduction to Programming
KPH 101Physics I
KMA 100Foundation Mathematics
KMA 102Introduction to Probability and Statistics
KMA 104Calculus I
Semester II
KGS 001 Culture,Sex and Gender Studies
KCS 102Object Oriented Programming I
KGS 103Introduction to Computer Organization
KPH 102Physics II
KMA 103Linear Algebra I
KMA 105Discrete Mathematics
KMA 106Probability and Statistics 1
KMA 201Calculus II
Semester III
KFA 101Community Service

Year 2

Semester I
KLC 002Development Studies
KCS 200Object Oriented Programming II
KCS 201Data Communications and Networks
KCS 202Introduction to Operating Systems
KCS 203Electronics
KCS  204Data Structures and Algorithms
KMA 203Probability and Statistics II
Semester 2
KLC 003Public Image and Relations
KCS 205Systems Analysis and Design
KCS 206Digital Logic and Design
KCS 207Introduction to Database Systems
KCS 208Computer Programming Languages
KCS 209Internet Application
KMA 107Introduction to Numerical Analytics

Year 3

Semester 1
KCS 400Research Methodology
KCS 300Foundations of Software Engineering
KMA 301Numerical Analysis I
KCS 302Multimedia Systems
KCS 303Programming Paradigms
KCS 304Computer Architecture
KCS 305Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity
KCS 311Scientific Computing
Semester II
KCS 306Computing Professional Ethics
KCS 307Object Oriented Analysis and design
KCS 308Formal Languages and Automata Theory
KCS 309Artificial Intelligence
KCS 310Computer Graphics


KCS 312Seminar Topics in Computer
KCS 313Microprocessor Programming
KMA 312Operational Research I
Semester III
KCS 314Internship I

Year 4

Semester I
KCS 401Computer systems Project
KCS 402Human Computer Interface
KCS 403Advanced Computer Networks
KCS 404Advanced Database Systems
KCS 405Advanced Software Engineering
 KCS 301 Advanced Operating Systems
KCS 406Simulation and Modelling
KCS 407Knowledge Based Systems
Semester II
KBA 001Introduction to Financial Management
KBA 002Strategic Management
KCS 408Management of Information Systems
KCS 409Transaction Processing and Distributed Systems
KCS 410Security and Cryptography
KCS 411Compiler Construction
KCS 412Neural Networks
KCS 413Parallel Systems