Programme Overview

There are a total of seven units to be fully covered in one trimester and completed for the award of a certificate. The tables below provide a summary of the units to be covered.

Certificate in leadership and management

CLM 001 Communication Skills
CLM 002 Computer Applications
CLM 003 Principles of Management
CLM 004 Leadership and Community Development
CLM 005 Financial Management
CLM 006 Personality Development and Leadership
CLM 007 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Certificate in conflict resolution and peace

CCR 001 Communication Skills
CCR 002 Introduction to Human Psychology
CCR 003 Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
CCR 004 Introduction to Public Relations
CCR 005 Negotiations and Post-Conflict Rehabilitation
CCR 006 Trauma Counselling
CCR 007 Interpersonal Relations

Certificate in marketing management

CCM 001 Fundamentals of Management
CCM 002 Principles of Accounts
CCM 003 Principles of Marketing
CCM 004 Introduction to Economics
CCM 005 Customer Care
CCM 006 Introduction to Sales Management
CCM 007 Business Communication

Certificate in guidance and counselling

CGS 001 Introduction to Communication Skills
CGS 002 Introduction to Human Psychology
CGS 003 Practise of Counselling
CGS 004 Personality Development
CGS 005 Stress and Stress Management
CGS 006 Theories of Psychological Counselling
CGS 007 Practice of Guidance

Certificate in corruption prevention and integrity

CCP 001 Introduction to Communication Skills
CCP 002 Introduction to Human Psychology
CCP 003 Corruption Prevention Techniques
CCP 004 Financial Management
CCP 005 Introduction to Ethics and Integrity
CCP 006 Legislation and Corruption Prevention
CCP 007 Corruption Risk Assessment and Management

Certificate in disaster management

CDM 001 Communication Skills
CDM 002 Introduction to Disaster Management
CDM 003 Gender Vulnerability in Disasters
CDM 004 First Aid Skills and Practice
CDM 005 Environmental Health, Water and Sanitation
CDM 006 Humanitarian Intervention in Disasters
CDM 007 Case Studies in Disasters

Certificate in business administration

  CBM 001 Fundamentals of Management
  CBM 002 Principles of Accounts
 CBM 003 Business Communication
 CBM 004 Introduction to Economics
 CBM 005 Introduction to Business law
 CBM 006 Business Statistics
 CBM 007 Introduction to Business Environment

Certificate in Business Management


The Diploma Programme takes duration of six months.

Course Details

There are a total of eight units to be fully covered and completed for Certificate Award.

1 CBM001 Fundamentals of Management
2 CBM002  Principles of Accounting
3 CBM003 Business Communication
4 CBM004 Introduction to Economics
5 CBM005  Introduction to Business Law
6 CBM007 Introduction to Business Environment
7 CBM010 Computer Applications


Certificate in purchasing supplies and management

CPS 001 Fundamentals of Management
CPS 002 Principles of Purchasing and Supplies Management
CPS 003 Business Communication
CPS 004 Principles of Accounts
CPS 005 Stores Procedure
CPS 006 Business Statistics
CPS 007 Introduction to Business Law

Certificate in early childhood development

The certificate of early childhood development takes 2 years to complete. There are a total of 23 units to be fully covered and completed for the certificate to be awarded.

Code Title
CECDE 001 Foundation, Administration And Management Of ECDE In Kenya
CECDE 002 Introduction To Child Psychology
CECDE 003 Child Growth And Development
CECDE 004 Health, Nutrition And Care
CECDE 005 Early Childhood Development And Education Curriculum
CECDE 006 Instructional And Learning Approaches
CECDE 007 Children With Special Needs
CECDE 008 Guidance And Counselling
CECDE 009 English Language
CECDE 010 Lugha Ya Kiswahili
CECDE 011 Language Activities
CECDE 012 Mathematics Activities
Code Title
CECDE 013 Science Activities
CECDE 014 Social Environmental Activities
CECDE 015 Music And Movement Activities
CECDE 016 Creative Art Activities
CECDE 017 Physical Activities
CECDE 018 General Knowledge
CECDE 019 Religious Education
CECDE 020 Material Development
CECDE 021 Introduction To Research
CECDE 022 Community Development
CECDE 023 Child Rights And Child Protection
CECDE 024 Teaching Practice