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What our students say

Sharon Mwangi


Kiriri Women’s University has proven to be an exemplary learning institution right from the start and has gotten better over the years. It is only prudent to acknowledge the growth and development that the university has undergone over my time here. There have been tremendous changes in the courses offered, facilities available and leadership as a whole.

The introduction of a student representative organisation cannot go unmentioned as part of the reforms that the university has experienced. I am proud to have been the first student organisation chairperson; hence, I am part of the welcome change.

More to that, as a student, I have learned a lot inside and outside the classroom. Learning has expanded my scope and perspective towards life in general. Amongst other reforms, has been the introduction of clubs and societies such as Charity Club, Christian Union (CU) movement and Catholic movement (YCS). Sporting activities are also being introduced in the university in collaboration with the university administration.

I would like to also acknowledge the qualified staff, i.e. the lecturers who are interactive and supportive to students. The efforts of the support staff also cannot go unmentioned as it is through them that learning can happen in a conducive environment.

Habiba Adan


I am a student in Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology undertaking a course in Business Administration, Diploma, I am proud to be part of this university as it is fulfilling my dream of becoming a marketing manager.


Florence Ojiambo

florenceAs a student in Kiriri, I love everything about my school. We have a conducive studying environment due to the fact that we are far from all kind of noises, the environment is so cool. We have lecturers that are qualified and above all, understanding. We fully enjoy our studies.We have well equipped laboratory facilities and also library materials since the school has fully catered and offered us with studying materials.

I also thank the entire Kiriri fraternity for offering us this golden chance to study in Kiriri. Majority of us never knew that we would ever get a chance to join campus since we come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Kiriri has made my dreams come true and we hope that it will continue benefitting more and more people.

Stella Mugo

stella-mugoWhen I first got in the Compound at KWUST I was amazed at the environment surrounding it. It was serene, quiet, peaceful… just the perfect place to study in without any distractions. One thing I love about Kiriri are the lecturers as they make sure they develop rapport with their students. They interact with us when we get stuck in our studies, ensure we do our assignments and mark them fairly and set exams according to what they have taught.

Student life in KWUST is an amazing experience. I got to interact with a broad diversity of women. I have learnt so many things from them and I get empowered. I feel comfortable being a student in KWUST. KWUST facilities are good. The hostels are big, clean and have hot showers and students live like a family. The classes are able to accommodate a small number of students thus the lecturer has enough time with every student and one gets notes to learn. What’s outstanding about KWUST is that it is the only women’s university in the region and has very qualified lecturers and amazing student leaders.

What I appreciate most about KWUST is that they gave me a chance to learn when I was about to give up and a full scholarship. I will always be grateful and indebted to them.

Melanie Gateru

melanieKWUST is a centre of women empowerment. As the students body Organising Secretary, the university has given me a platform to practise my leadership skills. The school has also provided us with sports equipment to ensure all students are involved in sports.

Message from our dean of students

Anne Kaaria

dean-of-studentsUniversity life is a multi-dimensional experience. While you are expected, as a student, to excel academically, it is also a time when you must take advantage of the resources available to grow socially, psychologically and spiritually. We as Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology (KWUST) not only believes in empowering the girl child through science and technology, but also instilling morals and values in a student so that she can fit well in the community. We believe in producing a whole woman who is ready to face future challenges.

In KWUST, we believe in occupying our students with co-curricular activities such as sports, clubs and student associations because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. We also have the Christian Union (CU) movement and the Young Christian Students (YCS) movement because having quality time with our Creator is very vital for the day to day growth of an individual. We also offer guidance and counselling to our students because we believe that a problem shared is a problem solved; so KWUST is the place to be.

Anne Kaaria 
Dean of Students


Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology (KWUST) is a private, women’s only Kenyan university from inception to operation. It is the first university of its kind in Eastern and Southern Africa,  which comprises 23 countries in total. As a women’s only university, our main objective is to bridge the gap in gender representation in higher education as well as contributing to the social and economic development of the country.

We hold the view that Science and Technology is an indispensable tool in harnessing resources of nature for sustainable development and creating an environment in which human beings can survive and realise their potential. Thus, the human person has the moral obligation to creatively improve the environment.

The philosophy of KWUST is to lead to the development of human capital through scientific search based on Christian principles.  This can be achieved through a well-conceptualised educational, scientific and technological package through which every human being must rightfully experience and acquire the tools to actualise this philosophy.

Why study with us?

Committed teaching and support staff

We pride ourselves in having committed teaching and support staff who are always at hand to support the students in academic, personal and pastoral matters. There is a resident nurse on our Kasarani campus.

Trimester academic year

We have three academic intakes in a year; January, April and September. This means that a student can choose to take an accelerated course path to finish her studies in three years

Transfer credits for diploma holders

On completion of our diploma courses, our students can transfer their credits to any of our degree programmes. We also accept credits from diploma holders from other institutions.

Scholarship Opportunities

We are passionate about empowering the girl child. Our scholarship programme ensures that no student misses out on an opportunity to pursue higher education on account on financial challenges. The application process for scholarships is open to all our students.

Competitive and flexible payment of fees

Our fee structure is competitive. We offer flexible payment terms to the parents and guardians of the students. In addition, students from our institution are eligible to apply for loans through the Kenya Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

Serene campus

Our main campus is located on a serene a fifty acre parcel, making it a conducive environment for intellectual and social growth.

Part time and evening classes

We welcome working ladies or ladies whose commitments can only allow them to study part time or in the evening. They study on our other campus which is located in the heart of Nairobi at Westlands.